Detroit Light Brigade & D-CATS Candlelight Vigil & Rally to Remember Lac-Megantic & Halt Water Shut-offs

When: July 10, 2014  8:30 PM
Where: Old Michigan Central Station  2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

1012408_253162988192703_1598876712_nOne year ago today a train laden with oil from North Dakotas Bakken fields derailed and exploded in Lac-Megantic, Quebec causing a series of cataclysmic fireballs killing 47 people and destroying much of the town center. Worse, this tragedy was preventable but for lack of regulation which continues putting us all at risk.

On Thursday July 10th from 8:30 pm – 9:45 pm, folks from Detroit and all across SE Michigan will come together to “shed light” on the unjust water shut-offs in Detroit and stand alongside vigils and actions happening all across North America this week for the 1 year anniversary of the oil train derailment in Lac-Megantic .  The same explosive Bakken oil trains are heading to MI and refineries in Detroit in the next few years unless we the people say otherwise.

Our Messages: Water is a Right & It’s Time to Move Beyond Extreme Energy Extraction that Destroys Communities!


WHAT: Stand with us against oil trains coming into Michigan, and amplify the voice of those resisting the unjust water shutoffs in Detroit. You’ll hear live performances from some amazing young Detroit artists and musicians, learn about the Bakken oil fields from a Detroiter and resident D-CAT & MI-CAT(MI coalition Against Tar Sands), and hear about powerful work happening to halt the unjust water shutoffs plaguing families in Detroit. Photographers will be on site to capture moments throughout the evening and get the large DLB group photo. This will be a fun, free, family friendly event.

Bring a candle and come spread some light with the Detroit Light Brigade(DLB) “Batlight” and Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands(D-CATS). This event is in solidarity with residents in Lac-Megantic, and being organized alongside grassroots activists across North America, and with ForestEthics, MI-CATS,, Oil Change International and the Sierra Club.

WHY:  At a time when the urgency for climate action is at its greatest in history, we cannot fall into the oil industry’s distracting debates on the ‘best methods’ to transport fossil fuels. As our movement has blocked climate-killing pipelines across North America, big oil has moved at an alarming rate to transport oil by rail. Yet despite dozens of oil train disasters, the oil industry is seeking to dramatically expand oil by rail in the US and in Canada.

Detroit-R2W-Meme-3401In Detroit, we are facing upwards of 3k families getting their water shut off per week in an attempt to privatize the water system and break apart families and communities. This is a human rights issue and the People’s Water Board of Detroit are among those leading the way to halt the water shut-offs and address the real root issues.

imageLac-Megantic’s struggle is a grim reminder to us all: Big Oil will stop at nothing to extract, transport, and burn every drop of oil in the ground. No matter the risk, no matter the cost to public health, safety, and the climate, the oil industry will jump at every opportunity to profit.

But now we say NO MORE. We the People Must Peacefully Rise!

No more exploding trains. No more tar sands. No more extraction. No more water shut-offs. No more reckless endangerment of our communities and our climate! Join our event on Thursday July 10th.  RSVP HERE


Endorsing Global Climate Convergence #ED2MD

GCC-Detroit-SQWe are a Detroit-based group of advocates for the public protecting our environment, our people, and a sustainable future through community engagement and action. An elevated presence must be committed to bring about awareness that this is not merely the fight of activists for a cause. We are fighting to prevent further devastation of the ONLY planet we have. If there is one thing that will kill off mankind most quickly it is the irresponsible actions of mankind. We have become a virus to this planet, one which appears to be determined to wipe itself out. If not for today, then for tomorrow, and the tomorrows of our children, and their children’s children!

“it seems likely that tomorrow’s children will have to force the current system to change in order to preserve the growth we have long taken for granted.” — Motley Fool, December 23, 2013

  • 946370_10200506074427897_975868122_nWe must listen to the cries of mother earth struggling from the loads of pollution permitted, piling up, and driven higher through our consumerism.
  • We must become informed of where things come from, choose products which are friendly and made by your neighbors.
  • When you consume be responsible about the waste and durability of items purchased. Plastic in our dumps and incinerators is destroying life.

Move away from FOSSIL FUEL DEPENDENCE as quickly as you can.

  • Divest your investments and savings from businesses that continue being fossil fuel developers and supporters.
  • Invest in alternative energy that is renewable, delivering clean, low-waste energy.
  • Reduce/eliminate your fossil fuel consumption of motor fuel, plastic containers, disposable plastic wrap, plastic toys, plastic electronics, and more. THINK BEFORE YOU BUY!
  • Fund green initiatives using natural goods friendly to the earth, our waters, and skies.


Shaping The Future

 “Capitalism in its modern form is a very recent phenomenon in human history: we’re only two and a third centuries past Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. It has produced undeniable and huge benefits, but also huge costs: climate instability, depletion of natural resources, pollution on a huge scale, and immiseration and unemployment in the name of progress.” — Charles Stross


2 Events This Friday! Beehive Artist Collective Comes to 5E Gallery Space & World Water Day Celebration

Join the CATS for 2 amazing events in one night!

Water is life celebration for World Water Day

1619190_253911248115583_783584318_nFriday 3/21 -4:30pm-5:45pm -23 E. Adams road Det. Central United Methodist Church  -3rd Floor)

 D-CATS is hosting this informal and fun event. We are inviting folks to bring a poem, song, prayer, or just their presence to share with the group.  We will also open up the space for folks to share their vision for how we can better steward this living giving system in MI. Light refreshments will be served. Free and Open to the Public.

Exploring the Age of Extraction through Art: Beehive Collective Comes to Detroit

beehiveFriday 3/21 at the 5E Gallery Space(4605 Cass Ave Det.) at the Cass Commons-6:00pm-8:00pm-The Beehive Artist Collective Comes to Detroit! Click here for more info about this Free & public Event! This event is being organized by the amazing folks at Detroit Youth Energy Squad! The Beehive collective is an all-volunteer swarm of educators, artists, and activists using images to communicate and educate about the complex realities of our times. A number of you may have met them when they were in Detroit for the US Social forum – we are thrilled to have them with us again! 


Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands